fa.m.a.g fabbrica macchine alimentari grillo

Fa.m.a.g. Srl - the perfect balance between innovation and tradition


Founded 35 years ago on the incentive of owner, Mr Giuseppe Grillo, the company has become today leader in the constructionof work machines for use in agriculture, forestryand food production aimed at industrial and private sectors. The company is the exclusive supplier of its own brand machines. 


Products are the result of a careful selection of the best materials, use of the most advanced technologies and a craftsman-like attention to detail, which make them an excellence in their field, guaranteeing strength and reliability.


For this reason, Fa.m.a.g. machines are regularly shipped across national boundaries to different countries from Europe to South America. A market that is set to expand further due to exclusive products such as the “Grilletta dough mixer” and a vigorous, dynamic distribution network.


Staff are also chosen on the basis of their ability to satisfy objectives of quality and professionalism on which Fa.m.a.g. production is based. Whatever the company role - project designers, technicians, consultants or sales staff - the final aim is always to provide customers with products of unrivalled performance able to respond to every requirement.


An attention to quality and professionalism is present throughout production and sales phases: from product design and manufacturing to testing, and from sales/advisory services to post-sales assistance, maintenance and repair.

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